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20. April 2018 - GDPR & CCTV

CCTV and the GDPR: the correct storage period

Das BGH-Urteil zur Videoüberwachung im Betrieb fasst wichtige Punkte zusammen
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Video surveillance of public spaces and in companies is increasing. For good reason, the General Data Protection Regulation requires a data protection impact assessment before implementing any broad surveillance of public spaces. This includes a review of the planned storage period.

6. April 2018 - GDPR & IT security

GDPR: Requirements for backups

Auch unter der DSGVO darf die Datensicherung keine Lücken aufweisen
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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires a quick restoration of personal data after a physical or technical incident so that availability and access are ensured. At the same time, the principle of storage limitation applies. Read here how backup concepts may accommodate all these factors.

25. Januar 2018 - Recommendations by supervisory authorities

GDPR: The record of processing activities

Weiterhin zentral: eine Dokumentation der Verfahren
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The General Data Protection Regulation replaces the familiar “obligatory registration” with a “record of processing activities”. What changes, what stays the same? What do supervisory authorities recommend?

25. Januar 2018 - Series: Tools for the GDPR

Tools for data protection impact assessment

Tools für die Datenschutz-Folgenabschätzung
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Software tools alone are insufficient to ensure the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, they can certainly help. In our new series, we are introducing a variety of tools. We’ll start with tools and processes to aid in risk evaluation.

25. Januar 2018 - Key data protection terms

What is personal data?

Was genau sind personenbezogene Daten?
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Personal data is a key concept in data protection. Data protection laws only apply if the data relates to a person. If data cannot be attributed to a person, then data protection rules do not need to be considered.

25. Januar 2018 - Series: Tools for the GDPR

How to test the resilience of IT systems

DSGVO: Wie lässt sich die Belastbarkeit von IT-Systemen kontrollieren?
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Resilience is a new requirement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for security in data processing. However, how can resilience be tested? Tools may help.

16. Januar 2018 - Data protection and mobile apps

App stores: Are they safe?

Wie steht es um die Sicherheit in App-Stores?
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Time and again, Google has removed Android apps from its Play Store that were found to be spyware. Unfortunately, millions of users may have downloaded these tools by that time. Can you trust app stores?

15. Januar 2018 - Aids for the GDPR

GDPR: Work aids, guidelines, and abstracts

Arbeitshilfen, Checklisten etc. zur Datenschutz-Grundverordnung
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Brief presentations on individual aspects of the GDPR can be very useful to practitioners. Below you find a brief overview of the materials provided free of charge by supervisory authorities. Key papers from other sources are also mentioned.